Happy hotel

new decorate  new feeling

comfortable pleasant lodging space

high grade bad and lcd tv

high quality service Fair price expense

 Free breakfast

Get accommodation bestly

in travel Kaohsjung

Welcome with open arms you



Fixed price / Preferential price

Fixed price

Preferential price

房  型

Standard room

NT $1700

NT $850

Commerce room

NT $1960

NT $980

Dehuxe room

NT $2400

NT $1100

Family room

NT $3300

NT $1500


Room facilities: Brand liquid crystal TV, double bed of the independent tube, coffee charter, tea


making, mineral water,double bath articles


Food and beverage sevice: Offer the top coffee bean of delicious Western-style breakfast to rub and



boil the tea to supply endlessly now now free


Commercial service: Do not have on-line net fax and file to type and serve the books, newspapers and


magazines freely and wide-bandly


Security service: It is qualified to fire prevention, defend the flame building materials to all adopt, the


fire-fighting equipment is overhauled and maintained regularly


Other services: Offer and park the bicycle free to lease free and the motorcycle is leased favourably




Make an appointment and book rooms on-linely at once



Come to the hotel to get accommodation, China guest offer bicycle use free, via on-line to is it is it can enjoy 8 roll over vacation favourable ten percent discount on ordinary days to book rooms to make an appointment network have。

HappyHotel  No.221, Nanhua Rd., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan



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