Happy Hotel

New decoration New feeling

Comfortable, pleasant accommodation

standard double independent

tube mattress and LCD TV

Quality service and

attractive price

 Free breakfast

Best choice of accommodation when travel kaohsiung

Welcome you with open arms








National road one No. Zhongshan relative superiority found the state overpass turn right, walk to


Nanhua distance it can reach to turn right direct.

The straight overpass turns right among the relative superiority of Zhongshan of national road No.


one,walks to right of crossing full of trees of the forest to transfer to Hebei all the way (small north 

  general merchandise) Turn left, can arrive to keep straight on 50 metres.

Bus, passenger traffic, railway, victory transported R11,all sat before the railway station of Kaohsjung


the station got off.


HappyHotel  No.221, Nanhua Rd., Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan



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